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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Corgi Photo Challenge: Days 22-30

I enjoyed this challenge, though in hindsight - perhaps I should not have done it in the same month we bring home a corgi puppy....

Here's my catch up post again.

Day 22: Corgi pants

Not an ideal corgi pants picture, but there it is.

Day 23: Swimming Corgi

Sourced from here: http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2011/06/corgi-friday-goes-to-the-beach/#page/1

Gimli has yet to go into a swimming pool, so no swimming pictures for him.

Day 24: Corgi in a wacky sleeping position

Gimli loved to sleep near and behind the toilet.  I have no idea why.

Merida likes to sleep on that pillow.

Day 25: Corgi with a favorite toy

That's Mr. Sun.  Gimli treats that toy like gold and it's one of the toys he can locate just by its name.

Merida doesn't have a favorite toy yet.

Day 26: Corgi with a corgi buddy

Day 27: Corgi doing a trick

Gimli, in the midst of rolling over.

Day 28: Corgi smile

We all know Gimli loves to smile.  Merida not so much yet. I only have a handful of pictures of her smiling.  Don't worry, we're working on it :)

Day 29: Sports fan corgi

Gimli roots for Germany.

Day 30: International Corgi Day!

We chose Princess Gwen for our International Corgi!  Since we are in Canada and she is in the US, it works!  You can read about her adventures here: GwendolynRose.

Sunday Smiler - Double Feature

I know I'm a day late, but hopefully two corgis can make up for it :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anatomy of a corgi puppy

Take 2 cute ears, a button for a nose, 4 little white feet and a round belly, throw in some sass and you have a corgi puppy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flat Gimli Friday - Surfin' Buddies

In the lobby of the Paradise Pier hotel - Disneyland.

Day 21: Service/Therapy Corgi

Sourced from here: http://cool2bcorgi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5774

I would love for Gimli to be a therapy dog because he loves everyone and is familiar enough around wheelchairs.  However, I think he'll need his CGC, (Canine Good Citizen), and he'll have to stop being so greedy with items on the floor.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Corgi Photo Challenge: Days 12-18

I've totally lapsed on the Corgi Photo Challenge, but here's my catch up post:

Day 12: Corgi with kids

None, I didn't have any and I didn't want to take someone's kid picture from the Internet.

Day 13: Corgi butt



Day 14: Corgi derp

Day 15: Corgi tattoo

Not mine, sourced here: http://anonymoustattoo.tumblr.com/post/10323272462/kim-reed

Day 16: Corgi wearing goggles

Sourced from: http://adventurez.tumblr.com/post/540241152/corgiaddict-adventure-corgi-needs-a-cape

Day 17: Birthday corgi

Day 18: Favorite Corgi meme

Merida - the first few days

Two Saturday's ago we drove about two hours to Merida's breeder.  I was beyond excited!

Her breeder said she had come out of her shell a little and was sassy.  Boy, was that an understatement!  This girl has such a set of lungs on her, she's probably going to be a barker like Gimli.

The drive home was quiet, in contrast to when we first picked up Gimli.  He howled like we were going to kill him.  Merida, on the other hand was quiet in her crate.  We suspect it was because Gimli was so quiet in the seat next to her.

Friends of ours were participating in a BBQ competition on the way, so we stopped by for about an hour.  Everyone we met fell in love with Merida. She met men of all shape and sizes, she heard some rumbling motorcycles and pee peed on the grass. She handled the new experiences quite well.  She has a lovely temperament, loves everyone and is eager to please.

Our little household has had a whirlwind first week:

- Saturday night, they both went to their crates. Merida didn't cry too much, again probably because Gimli was so calm in his.

- Sunday morning, I was up at 5 to take her out to pee. I thought she might have wanted to poo, but she just wanted to play in the grass. I brought her in, lay on the couch but she was too squirmy.  I put her back into her crate and went back to bed, only to wake up at 6 am to let her out again.

- We've had a few accidents thus far. Usually, its because I can't get to her in time, but I try to get her attention, Gimli barks to help me and it's enough to startle her so she stops long enough for me to put her outside.

- She ran into the sliding door.  It was hilarious only because she was walking so slowly to the glass and she just bumped it and stood there confused for a minute.

- She's discovered a nighttime ghost puppy in the sliding door.  I'll have to get a video of it.

- She's got a set of lungs on her!  She barks and makes funny little "hrmph" noises when she doesn't get her way.  I'll post a video in a few days so you can get an earful too!

- Speaking of not getting her way, she's fond of nipping or snapping back if you scold her.  I know all puppies nip, so anytime those teeth come out, I walk away.  Then, she pouts and grumbles.  Tuesday night, she got my lip and it bled quite badly. :(

- She's started frapping around the house and the yard.  Because she's little, it's a disjointed frap and she runs into a great many things... like chair legs, table legs, coffee tables and Gimli! She'll get better as she gets older.  It's always scary when you see her take off running, then hear a thump and a puppy whine right after.

- Merida loves to eat paper and carpet and blankets. Gimli never liked to eat these so I'm a little taken aback.  She doesn't, however, have a thing for shoes like Gimli.

- She's very laid back to the point where I can reach in and take whatever she has in her mouth and she's ok with it.  This is extremely good and she gets praise every time.

- We've started her on puppy classes and she's doing well so far.  She has "Sit" mastered and is slowly working on her recall.  We learned our lesson, we're starting to teach that one early!  "Down" is giving us some trouble, but we may wait til she's a little older to try it again.

- She's starting to bond with me.  She'll crawl into my lap if she's scared or tired or just wants to snuggle.

- Gimli is slowly getting better with her.  They've played twice so far, which might not seem like a lot, but with Gimli, I'll take it.  He's starting to come around and to like her, though he makes it difficult to train her and to discipline her as he still feels it's all about him.

- That's about as close as he let her come for the first week. She can get closer now, even lie next to him for a few minutes at a time before he freaks out and moves away.  I guess he doesn't like to snuggle with her either.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Still alive

It's been a hectic week here, but us four are still alive.

I have a post planned for Merida, but in the meantime, just to give you an idea of the craziness around here:

- examining and then cleaning up puppy vomit after Merida ate a tiny pebble.  I was glad to examine this one because I confirmed the pebble was out of her system.

- a few puppy accidents.

- a bleeding lip when Merida jumped at me.

- Gimli wondering why this fluff ball is still here and why she's sharing his room.

- back pain on my part on account of bending over 50 times a day.

- leg and hip pain on account of squatting for several minutes in a row.

- Exercise regimen stopped for the time being. On a side note, I should hold Merida and get some squats in!

- Gimli tummy troubles at the beginning of last week.  The poor dear, he's better now though.

- People calling Merida "murder" or mispronouncing her name even after we've corrected them.

- Cuddling with sleeping Merida.

- Having Gimli around to teach her the "good" things and a few "bad" things.

- Fitting in play/cuddle time with Gimli and being thankful I don't have to worry about him jumping at me or nipping at me with daggers puppy teeth.

- At this point, I just want to do this:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 11: Corgi in Costume

Gimli in his gnome costume for Halloween.

Day 9 & 10

I've been quite busy the past few days, what with Merida coming home, so here's my posting for days 9 & 10.

Day 9: Your current corgis



Day 10: Corgi baroo

Gimli baroos, but only when he's racing to the door to tell off someone on our property.  I never know when he's going to do it, hence no picture of him.

Therefore, I found this one from corgiaddict's site: http://corgiaddict.com/post/867250620

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7: A corgi in need of a good home

In finding the content for today's post, I couldn't decide on just one corgi in need of a good home, so I'm including some links to the rescue corgis I found.

Hopefully these wonderful dogs can find some new homes.

Available corgis:

Flat Gimli Friday - Brave

At the Disneyland park, I had the opportunity to take a picture with Merida and her three bear brothers.  I showed her Flat Gimli and she introduced him to her bear kin.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Ready

Day 4 and 5

I missed day 4 yesterday, so I'm making it up today.

Day 4: The corgi you've always wanted.

I have the corgi I always wanted: Gimli.  He's a joy to have around.  He's always up for whatever you're doing, even if it's just laundry - he has to go check the machines in case a toy has been lost inside.  He makes me laugh every single day. He tolerates so much of what I do to him - I pounce on him for kisses, scratches, I try to steal snuggles, all of it, he indulges me.

Oh dear, seems someone's chopping onions nearby... *sniff sniff* ahem...

Day 5: What your next corgi will look like.

Here's Merida!  She comes home on Saturday... Saturday!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Favorite Corgi Related Product

Day 3: Your favorite corgi related product

My favorite corgi related product is the Squishable!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A famous corgi

The June 2nd challenge is to post a picture of a famous corgi.

There's a number of them, like:
  • Sutter Brown - The Governor of California's corgi
  • Marlowe - Stephen King's corgi
  • Any of Queen Elizabeth II's corgis

However, I have a celebrity of my own.

If you read Cesar's Way magazine on a regular basis and thumb through the June issue, you might see a familiar corgi in the Petzlife tooth gel ad.

If you remember, Gimli won the Petzlife contest for best smile and he's now in the magazine! Read the original entry here: Winning Smile.

30 day Corgi Photo Challenge - Your First Corgi

Paige Davis over at CorgiPals came up with the fun idea to do a 30 day Corgi photo challenge for the month of June.  You can read all about the entries here: 30 day Corgi Photo Challenge.

It was supposed to start yesterday, with it being the first, but as I'm a little late, I'll do two posts for today.

June 1: Your First Corgi

This is a picture of my first corgi, Douglas.  So named because there's a tag on his butt that reads "Douglas". Mike gave him to me for Christmas in 2007, knowing that we were going to start our corgi search the following year.

Year of Gimli - June