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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - I hate grey

One of Gimli's eyebrow hairs, you know the long ones that stick up from the top of the eye, is grey. Completely grey, white even.

He's six and a half years old. Guys, he's not supposed to have grey hair yet, at least another 6 years before it's time for that...

Today's throwback was to when he was the perfect mixture of red, black, and white, with nary a grey hair around.

I don't know this grey of which you speak.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chomp chomp

Dogs like to chew, we all know this.

Gimli chewed while he was teething, but then tapered off. He doesn't chew soft toys anymore, except when he wants to kill the squeaker. He will squeak at a Wubba until it's dead. Once he forgets that it's dead, he tries to kill the squeaker again. Instead, he'll carry toys around, sleep with them, and cuddle with them.

Merida, on the other hand, is a little ball of destruction. She chewed, not only when she was teething, but she continues to chew today. And when I mean chew, I mean go at the toy with those strong back molars. She likes to chew off little bits of toys and eat them. Then, if the toy has eyes, she eats those. Finally, she makes a hole and gets at the stuffing. Most times, I destuff the toy and return it to her. From the hole in the toy, she then turns it inside out.

I may be small, but I have a big urge to chew!

We are at a loss of what to give her to play with that won't be destroyed in a few minutes. Dog toys aren't cheap and we've been burned in the past when we bought a 10 dollar toy, (or more!), that went into the bin 10 minutes after we gave it to her.

We cannot give her bones or antlers because of what happened to Gimli and his teeth. Rawhides seem to work for now, but only for a few minutes at a time and under close supervision.

*sigh* at least she's not eating the baseboards anymore.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Smiler - Snow girl

This is Merida after racing around the yard in the snow tracks, chasing/wrestling Gimli, and digging her head into the snow.

We are in her favorite season and if she didn't get snow stuck in her paws or worry about the deathly temperatures, she'd be outside all day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fat Tuesday

Yum yum.

Lemon buttermilk pancakes, sunny side up eggs and bacon.

Even the corgis got some and wanted more.

A couple years ago, friends of mine gave me the MasterChef cookbook. I've been slowly working my way through it, but one of the recipes is Lemon Buttermilk pancakes. They are quite delicious and now it's my go to pancake or waffle recipe.

I think I need to go through more of that book!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Flat Corgi Friday - Taking those curves

Just like Luigi's tires, my corgis know how to take a mean corner.

Merida is a little racecar and isn't so good at the start. Her feet look like Fred Flintstone's do when he tries to pick up speed. But when she gets going, she will turn on a dime as she flies under the table, under the bed and around the coffee table.

Gimli is more like an 18 wheeler, long and large. He's not as speedy in the curves, but he's strong and packs a punch when he comes charging down the hallway.

This winter has been frigid and as a result, they've taken to running up and down the length of the house. I keep meaning to record them to show you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scritch scratch

It starts off like this.

Then, this.

And finally, this.

Gimli is such a suck when it comes to scratches. If you stop, he grumbles at you and paws at you to continue. And, like a good owner, you give in :)

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's so darned cute!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are you ready?

Gimli has a good grip on his toy:

Merida has on her game face.

And both are ready for the Puppy Bowl, which, of course, has to do with food.

I mean, what else is there to be excited about on a Sunday in February?