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Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't even have the time of day...

About 4 years ago, (come October), we honeymooned at Walt Disney World. One of the things I wanted and ended up buying was a Mickey Mouse watch. I wore it until May of this year when I lost it on vacation somewhere between deplaning and the hotel room, where I discovered it was gone. Long story short, I woke up to use the bathroom, had an itch on my wrist and realized, quite sleepily, my watch was gone! Now what would I use to watch the minutes slowly tick away on the flight home as I become increasingly antsy I'm sitting on a plan and I could die a horrible death if the plane were to crash.... *deep breath, deep breath* where are the exits again?

The remainder of the vacation I wandered around clueless of the time since there were no clocks around except in the stateroom on the Disney Wonder, (yes, we're Disney nerds, more on this later).

Today, I came home with my new watch (!!!). I've had my eye on this since May, but didn't get around to purchasing it til today. I wasn't planning to, but the jewelry store had a sale and Mike poked me into getting it. (Yes it was his fault, tee hee!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Just realized I haven't posted anything since Wednesday... tsk tsk...

The week ended crappily, though the one bright spot was I found my red shoes! Will post picture later, too tired to do so now.

Saturday was crummy.

Sunday was better. I got to wear my shoes out in the Arboretum while wearing a lovely black dress as a friend snapped pictures of me, while my poor husband sat there holding the shiny reflector thing to balance the amount of light reflecting off of me.

All very fancy, I felt a bit like a model except with no pay and I got to keep the clothes. All in good fun and all to help out a friend flesh out his portfolio. We should have the pictures in a few weeks :)

Here's hoping this week is better than last week and that it goes by quickly so I can enjoy a 3 day weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Crummy day today at work... blarg

Popped into the Dr. yesterday and today I have a sore throat... blarg

Combine the two and I'm in a grumpy mood... blarg for everyone else around me.

If I could make a face to describe how I feel, this would be it...

Chai tea is looking good right about now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old lives and old friends

Back from the Optometrist, 20:20 vision :). On the way back, we drove through our old neighborhood. It seems different now in a strange way. A place where we lived for 3 years, (almost to the day), and seemed so normal at the time, now is somewhat odd. Almost as if we had the opportunity to peel back the curtain to an alternate universe where we still lived there. I couldn't believe that was part of our life, it just seems like we'd have never lived there given our current place in our life. If you squint and look at our old house, you wonder if we had ever lived there at all.

On a sad note, Cathy Santarsiero of The Christmas Corgi lost one of her corgis today... on the operating table during a C-section. Sadly the puppies were lost too. This was an award winning bitch - Westminster Kennel Club award of merit, Eukanuba wins etc. Its always sad to lose a dog. Having lost my Spike on Boxing Day 2007, its not easy to lose a pet. I look at Gimli and wonder how all of a sudden he's almost 2. He's been with us for just under 2 years, but it feels like he's been with us forever. When he does go to the bridge, how long will it feel then? Sadly, not long enough...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Now where did I put that _______?

Ever tried to re-find something that you know exists, (because you distinctly remember seeing it before), yet now you cannot for the life of you find it? You swear up and down it exists, but because you cannot find it, you feel a bit silly or convinced you've finally started losing your mind.

Well, that's been my day today. Couldn't find an article I needed at work. Couldn't find that red scarf with the white flowers, (worse yet, couldn't remember if I gave it away or still have it).

Later this week, I'm going on the hunt for the right pair of red shoes...

Here's hoping I can find a pair...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The 3 of us spent the majority of the afternoon lying around dozing. It was quite warm and without a/c things get very sticky very fast.

The 3 of us being Me - Candy, hubby - Mike and the red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi fluff - Gimli.

I was sore from overdoing my workout yesterday morning and was in no mood to do much of anything. Mike had hurt his foot and Gimli was just content to lie around.

Gimli will be 2 in August. He's our first corgi and I take credit in our love for this breed and in finding Gimli.

Well before we were married and well before we bought our house, I knew I wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I knew I wanted to name him Gimli after the dwarf from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Gimli has lived up to his name. He's stubborn, talkative and comic relief*. He is everyone's friend and more so if you have any sort of food. He doesn't snuggle, much to my displeasure, but he does enjoy being with you or next to you.

He is purebred, but because of his fluff-ness, which is considered a serious fault, he doesn't qualify for Conformation. Because of this, we are often asked if he's a Sheltie or a miniature Collie or even if he's purebred - this used to bother me at first, but not so much anymore.

I'm just happy to have him around making us laugh at his antics.

*Videos to be uploaded later.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yes, this is my first blog post in a number of years. I used to keep up a Live Journal site about 10 years ago, which was very dreary, dull and depressing, (what can I say, it was a very tough period of time for me), and writing there seemed to help.

I've had an itch to return to blogging over the past year, I kept putting it off with my seemingly good excuse of, 'What would I write?', 'What would I call it?', '_______' <----- insert stalling question here. I even had the strange idea of making it one of my New Year's resolutions this year.. Ha, we all know how those end up! Finally, I let the thought grow enough over the past few weeks that I came up with a name and created this today.

Now if I can just decide the layout, colors, formatting et al, I'll be all set. (Its not like I took html/web design or anything in school... sheesh, you'd think this would be easy for me!)


ps Corgi posts to come... I have a red and white fluff :)