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Friday, October 29, 2010

Poop, crap, excrement

I had a craptacular day at work, hence the title.  Yes, all that I planned to do today went out the window.  Nevermind I didn't feel well, so it put me into a right mood this afternoon.

Our cable box and remote is acting funny.  At first I thought Mike wasn't standing directly in front of the box, which is where you must stand in order for the sensor to detect the signal, but he was.  Its just acting weird.  Maybe this weekend I'll make the guide freeze again, that was fun!

We were invited to a Halloween party tonight, but we aren't attending.  My old standby costume of Morticia Addams doesn't work anymore since the top ripped :(.  I haven't had a chance or the forethought to go looking for another one so I don't have a costume, unless of course I make a fast ghost costume out of bedsheets.  Check out what this blogger made, its quite good - Bedsheet Ghost.

There was a meltdown over at the in-laws because they received their new kitchen appliance today.  We received a frantic call with regard to the dishwasher because it wasn't the one they wanted.  I can only imagine the shrieks and gnashing of teeth going on when they realized they received a plastic tub instead of the stainless tub.  Even though the plastic tub was the one that was ordered.  Can you imagine what would have happened if the box had been scuffed???  Heads will roll!!

Gimli and I came across the icky cat that likes to poop in our backyard.  Gimli wanted to eat him, the cat just sit in a driveway and hissed.

Last but not least, as I sat here on the floor composing this post, Gimli lay down next to me and put his head on my foot.  I thought to myself, "Awww, Gimli knows I've had a bad day and is keeping me company.  I love my dog"... until... it happened.  He farted.

(Come on, you had to know this was coming!)

I'm off to find some alcohol now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm pretty sure I'm biased, but I really can't see myself owning another breed for the rest of my life.  I'm pretty much devoted to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  I'm not averse to Cardigans, I like them too, but something about the Pembroke spoke to me all those years ago when Mike and I sat watching the Westminster Dog Show and started whittling down our doggie lists based on looks.

Shallow, I know but I needed to have a dog that I loved the look of.  Both corgis made the cut, but the Pemmie always was a step above the Cardi.

There's something about that mischievous 1/2 smiling face that gets me, that slightly leaning body with the tilted head that looks back at me as if to say, "Are you coming???".

The bunny butt as it wiggles when he runs or walks.  That silhouette when Gimli walks with Mike and his wheelchair and he stops to look up at Mike and his topline looks ever so straight.

When he lies on his back and motions to me with his little feet to come play.

The little ears and beady little eyes that peek up from behind the coffee table, reeking of sweetness.

Those ears that hold so much emotion - straight up, straight back, down to the side.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Where did it go?

Where oh where did October go?  Its a little freaky to say the least that I blinked and we're in the last week of October!

It also didn't help that we celebrated our 4 year anniversary, went to Oktoberfest, went to Chicago, took off my complaint bracelet because I'm now on day 75 and I think I've got it down pat now and a bunch of other things in the span of this month.

In reality I took it off because it gave me a bruise that wouldn't heal because the bracelet kept attacking the same spot and plus it became really stretched and was a pain to keep track of, so its off.

I have much on which to post, but not tonight, I haven't even downloaded the pictures from the camera yet, so nothing recent to post on here... I'm so lazy bad.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bark at the Moon

We have 3 floor to ceiling windows at the front of the house.  Two on either side of the door and one on the side of the house.  Gimli adores these windows because it allows him to lie down and look outside.  In our previous house, the bottom of the windows were about a foot off of the ground so he couldn't see out unless he jumped up on the sill.

Needless to say, Gimli is now a neighborhood busy body.  No one can go by without his permission and he lets you know by barking and arooing.  He often falls asleep at the window with one of his many toys.

Tonight there's a crescent moon.

I came downstairs to see Gimli sitting in front of the window staring at the moon.

Then, he turned into this...

It must be close to Halloween, what do you think?

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 62.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Will I ever learn?

Its probably no surprise that I adore Gimli. Its hard to put into words actually, but its true.

I love stroking his back, giving belly rubs and scratching his ears.

He's a fluffy corgi, so his coat is much softer than a corgi's coat should be, as such, its great to snuggle next to him and rub my head into his back and neck until he looks up at me and grumbles in annoyance.

My most favorite thing to do, however, is to shower him with kisses... on his head, on his ears, on his snout, that spot in between his eyes.

All great places, however, I never know when to stop don't have the best timing and I have been headbutted many times. I've hurt my nose and busted my lip a few times.

Tonight was no exception, I went in to kiss him on his head, he jerked up and hit me squarely on my top lip. He continued playing without missing a beat. I now have 2 front teeth stenciled into the underside of my lip.

I love my dog!


Mike is the last of 3 boys. He was given up for adoption when he was a newborn. Therefore it goes without saying, there's no familial genes between Mike and the rest of his family, anymore than there are familial genes between him and I.

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada and while we're sitting around the table, this comment was made...

"Mike you're adopted but you must have the same genes as this family because you and J, (his brother), both have weight problems."


Complaint-O-Meter: On day 61.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its Loser, not Luser

On our morning walk today, we happened to pass by one of those green electric boxes that's erected every 5 or 6 houses. Crudely scribbled on the side were the words, "Daphnee is a luser".

Yes, you read it correctly. What's the state of the school system where childhood bullying isn't done properly?

I'm thinking Daphne probably knows how to spell, which is why she's a luser.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 59.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I just want to watch my tv shows

Mike and I have a roster of television shows we watch on a weekly basis.

Family Guy
The Amazing Race
The Event
Little People/Big World
Law and Order: svu
Criminal Minds
CSI: Las vegas

We used to be on one particular television service provider, let's call it 'Ding Dong'. We were sharing this with friends of ours. we ended up switching because the satellite dish died and it was increasingly difficult to get channels added or removed.

We are now on a new television service provider, let's call it 'Tool'. This provider advertises time shifting so we can catch episodes aired in the Maritime provinces or episodes aired in the western provinces. It also advertises their On Demand feature, so you can catch up on episodes you may have missed.

This Fall, Mike are I are upside down and backwards in terms of television watching. We don't subscribe to the Sunday newspaper or to TV Guide magazine so we don't know the air days of the above shows. Yes, I know, we could have looked on the website, but bear with me on this one. Certain shows are on at the same time as others. In the past, we would utilize the time shifting so we could watch some episodes earlier or later than the EST time slot.

Each day consists of going through the guide trying to locate the show and its airtime and arranging our evening schedule around it. Well, we missed CSI:NY on the last two Fridays. We also missed Law and Order: SVU last week.

Tonight, Law and Order:SVU is on at 10pm, so, since its 7 pm now, we had the bright idea to see if we could watch one of those missed episodes on the On Demand service or online. No dice. On the American sites, it doesn't stream in Canada for some reason. On the Canadian networked site for Law and Order, it doesn't show either. I haven't figured out why, just that it shows clips and not the full episode. We checked the On Demand service, which we have used to watch Family Guy, so we assumed it would have the other episodes too, (that should have been my first clue since I was assuming), it didn't have either show.

As a last resort, we fell upon the time shifting feature. It seems to work for Law and Order:SVU. It doesn't seem to work for the rest of the episodes.

My point is, I'm growing increasingly tired of having only two television companies to choose from. I'm tired of seeing the American commercials on the stations for programs that aren't available in Canada, case in point Shark Week. I'm tired of not having a choice and for being held over a barrel because Ding Dong and Tool know residents of Ontario don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 55.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Only 2 years...

2 years ago this weekend, we drove 2 hours west to pick up Gimli. We came home with a small ball of fur who cried for about 45 minutes on the drive home.

He went for his first mini walk up and down the street, then fell asleep in his crate for a few hours.

After many sparring matches with those pointy puppy teeth and plenty of puppy cuddles, we have this little monster.

2 years isn't a long time at all, but it feels like he's always been with us.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 53.