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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please Mike, can I have another?

Well before Gimli was born, Mike and I knew we were dog people and when the time was right, we would get a dog. ie once we got a fence in our old place, a time for which I counted down the days and once we had a schedule for the fence, I was off to the races emailing corgi breeders looking for our doggie.

Gimli was born in August 2008 and came to live with us in October of that year. I consider him our unofficial 2 year anniversary present to each other.

We have since agreed we would get a second dog to keep Gimli company and to share our home and our hearts. Unofficially its probably going to be another corgi, but that's about all we can say at this point because we are no where near any serious discussions with the corgi rescue group or any breeders that have adults ready to go to a forever home.

We were very close to getting a 2nd one this past May, but alas, he was not to be. He was Gimli's half brother and born on the same day as Gimli just a year apart, they shared the same sire and he was struck by a car and killed when someone left the breeder's garden gate open and he escaped. We were quite saddened by this and we haven't broached the subject since then, its always been, 'oh next year we'll discuss etc'.

Yesterday I mentioned there was a corgi breeder 20 mins away from me and sure enough, she has an older puppy female that's up for adoption. She was also born on Gimli's birthday, again a year apart. Already, I want to message the breeder, find out more information etc.

I saw this video on The Daily Corgi and now I want a puppy again.

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