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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The No Complaint Experiment

A friend of mine posted this link on his Facebook page about going for 21 days without making any complaints or criticisms etc without having an Action Plan to correct it.** If you do complain without an Action Plan then you have to start counting from day 0 and switch the bracelet to your other hand. (more on the bracelet later).

To explain, something like you go to pick up your dry cleaning in the middle of the evening rush when everyone else is picking up their dry cleaning. When you get home, you complain that it was so busy there and you felt rushed. That complaint would get you back to 0. If, instead you said, 'Wow, it was very busy at the cleaners. Next time I'll get my act in gear and pick up my cleaning when its less busy'.

The bracelet is the way you have a reminder that a) you're on this trial and b) to think and be constructive about finding a solution instead of complaining about it. There's an official bracelet that you wear, but since we don't have it, we improvised. He's using a blue rubber band and I'm using a thin black hair tie.

We started today around 7.30 pm Est. I acknowledged, then Mike and I took Gimli for a walk... the bracelet on my right wrist. We came home around 8.15 pm, the bracelet was on my left wrist.

I really believe this is going to be a challenge for me and I really hope I can surpass the 21 days, no matter how long it takes to get there, because if I can make this change then I can make all the other changes I've been telling myself I need to make but have never gotten around to it.

** Link: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2007/09/18/real-mind-control-the-21-day-no-complaint-experiment/

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