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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1 year

Merida's "gotcha day" was this past Sunday.

It's hard to believe we've had this little girl with us for a year already! Merida and Gimli are best buds... partners in crime even. She doesn't like to be away from him, though he doesn't quite feel the same way about her :)

She is a ball of personality and a lady in certain senses of the word - she likes clothes and must inspect every new article of clothing, she likes to cuddle, and adores playing with blankets left on the floor. She's very particular on the walks, she has to be in the front, and she likes to look good - clothes, scarves, brushings... a regular Corgi Chanel!

But, she's a scrapper when she wants to be. She swings her butt around to hit Gimli in the face and she holds her own when they wrestle. I'm sure she's part Arctic Fox as she's a little snow monster and would happily spend all day outside in the snow.

My favorite part of her is when she greets me in the morning. She crawls over and gives a long snuggle-kiss-snuggle-roll-over-and-scratch-belly-please.

Thankful to have her in our lives, cannot wait for what the next year will bring.


  1. Aww! :) She sure has grown! Gwen's gotcha day is tomorrow! :)