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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 more days

I've had a crummy week this time around and its only Wednesday evening.

On Sunday, I realize my account for this MMO that Mike and I play was compromised and quite a bit of my items and in game money was stolen. For the most part, its been returned by the game provider, but still. I changed my passwords for everything and I've been watching my bank account like a hawk just in case, even though I know they could hold onto the bank information for an inordinate amount of time before they try something. We don't know how my information was compromised and Mike's wasn't seeing as we are on the same network.

For some strange reason, I've broken out in a large amount of zits. My skin care regimen is the same, I'm just getting some weird, under the skin ones that if you look at the wrong way will double in size. Yeah, I don't get the two symmetrical ones on my cheeks either. This is what I look like these days, except this picture doesn't show my frizzy cat lady like hair.

Work has been crummy, I'm always tired of late and a part of it is because we're always out on the weekend so its tough to get a chance to relax.

Here's hoping the weekend comes a bit quicker this time around and I can relax.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 35.

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