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Friday, February 4, 2011

Boogedy Boo

I hadn't planned on talking about the 'ghostly' phenomenon at this time, but something strange happened again this morning.

A bit of history:

Last year, sometime in late November, Gimli and I were home alone during the day.  The house was quiet, the furnace wasn't even on.  I heard 4 thuds, which I call footsteps.  At first I thought Gimli was playing with his toys a little too roughly, but when I peeked at him, he was dozing at the window.

If it wasn't Gimli and it wasn't me, who was it?

Naturally Mike thought I was crazy and dismissed it quite quickly.

Since then my imagination has been playing tricks on me, at least that's what I tell myself.  Sometimes if I'm alone, I'll see something stir in the corner of my eye, only when I look properly there's nothing there.

Sometimes Gimli will bark at something in a room, only when I go investigate there's nothing there.  More to the point, there's nothing like a pile of clothes or the ironing board or something that could scare chicken Gimli, so what's he barking at?

This morning, I was in the middle of a lovely dream where I visited the zoo, and then I was being pushed to move out of the way.  Turns out Mike was shoving my leg and asking, "Do you hear that?"

It was the same thuds again.  I was too groggy to count them, but it was the same sound.  I mumbled that it was probably the neighbor shoveling his driveway...


There was no snow last night, the driveways have been clear since Wednesday when we were all out after the storm and the neighbors parked their cars in the garage so there was no snow to clean off of them.

Maybe now Mike will believe me.

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