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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What fools these mortals be...

Last week, on Tuesday night I had a nightmare.  I dreamt I was in this house with these two other women and a malicious entity.  From what I can remember I was visiting this house and the two women were cleaning up the house to be sold.  The former owner apparently was killed by the entity.  Long story short, the 3 of us were in this house where we saw the ghost of the former owner and the presence of this entity.  So much so that a name was said, which I'm not going to repeat and I'm trying to forget the name as I believe saying the name will give it power and make it real.

All in all, not very scary, until a voice said, "Hi Candy".  I woke up immediately and peered around the room as if I could see something.  I lay there a little scared until I managed to fall asleep again.

On the following night, I had a better dream.  I was at home by myself, not even Gimli was around.  And I happened to go across the street to the neighbor's house where there was something going on in the garage.  Who do I find but none other than one of my favorite bands, Rammstein!  Yes, all of them were in the neighbor's garage having a jam session.

I was ecstatic!  Rammstein and I and no one else in sight.  I can't remember what we said but I remember talking to all of them in English and having a great time.  The last thing I remember, before the stupid alarm woke me up, was talking to Christoph, sigh, and he asked me if he could have my Animal drumsticks.*

I said, "Of course!  If I can have your drumsticks in return."

He obliged and I was seconds away from accepting them before the aforementioned stupid alarm woke me up.  Drat!

I woke up with the song, Waidmanns Heil stuck in my head.  See it here:

Believe me, I've been chasing that dream ever since last week, but alas, I can't find that garage anymore.

In related news, Rammstein have announced they are coming back to North America!!!  And we now have 2 definite chances to see them in two different cities!!!  We're going to try for tickets again.

Seeing Christoph twice in less than a year would be awesome!


* See the Animal drumsticks:

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