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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme That Which I Desire!

We need a new car.  A bigger car that can accommodate Mike's wheelchair standing up and folded in the trunk area and still have room to place other items in the trunk area.  For example, suitcases, a couple of traveling crates, groceries etc.

Right now we have a Mazda 3 Sport and while I do love this car, we've out grown it.  We have Gimli now and we like taking him places and for that we need space to secure him properly in the car.  When we bring home corgi #2, we'll definitely need the space.

Late last year we decided that this Spring, we would get rid of the Mazda 3, (boo hoo since this was my first new car), and get a car that better serves our needs.

To help us on this quest, we went to the Auto Show yesterday.

It was crammed with people.  Every car manufacturer was represented and it gave us a chance to get up close and personal with the cars without feeling pressured by salespeople like you are when you go to the showrooms.

Here is the short list:

Mazda 7 - this was on the list, but when we tried Mike's old chair, it didn't fit properly and we were disappointed to take it off.  However, when we tried Mike's new chair, it DID fit and so we're glad to put it back on the list!

Hyundai Tucson - The trunk space in this car is quite large for the size of the car and we both like the look of the car.

Subaru Outback - We did have the Forester on the list, but when we looked at the Forester, the interior cabin looked cheap.  It reminded me of the cheapness of the Nissan Sentra.  The Outback looks nicer on the inside.

Kia Sorento - We were looking at the Sportage, but the chair did not fit.  We moved up to the Sorento, but the vehicle itself is quite large and I wonder if its too large for two people and two corgis.

Nissan Murano - Not bad, visually I don't really like it, but we'll see when we do the test drives.

Toyota Rav 4 - This one is a contender, the only sticking point perhaps, is that the trunk door opens out and not up like the rest of them.

Ford Escape - I don't like the Escape.  We rented one when we went to California/Las Vegas in 2008 and while it does have the trunk space, it was very bouncy on the road and I don't like that feeling.

Mazda Tribute - Basically the same car as the Escape, nothing fancy to look at, I don't much like it.

Jeep Patriot - The interior is very spartan like, very boxy and basically a Jeep.  If you want luxury with a Jeep, then you pay the big bucks for a Grand Cherokee.

We'll see how it all works out come the Spring.

I also had a look at the Mini, which I call my wishlist car.  Its a shame we don't need 2 cars else I'd be looking at Minis.  I can certainly see myself driving around with a couple of corgis in the backseat and my license plate: 'Luv2Frap' or 'Corgwyn' or perhaps just 'Candy'.

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