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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gimli and his egg

Last week some friends of ours were over and the topic of boiled eggs and dogs came up.  He had given his dog, Ozzy, a hard boiled egg and was amused at how gently Ozzy treated the egg.  Gimli, *gasp*, had never had a hard boiled egg before.

I know, I'm a horrid owner.

So, this morning, I made one extra egg to give to Gimli...

For your viewing pleasure:


  1. Funny Gimli!

    Just had to share this one on The Daily Corgi:


    Laurie Eno
    The Daily Corgi

  2. Thanks Laurie! Aren't these corgis lovely and funny!

  3. I thought this was SO cute I had to try it with Luna. Check out this week's blog entry for her video.