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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to the German grind

I've returned to my German lessons on Rosetta Stone and I'm feeling very good after tonight's lesson.  All along I've been picking up words and putting together short sentences, but tonight I learned more words that are actually found in my house/yard so I can roam around speaking German and pointing at things to help with remembering.

Note, I don't have the German characters in the sentences.

For example:
In our front yard: Ich habe ein klein Baum.

I have a small tree.

In our back yard: Ich habe ein gros Baum.

I have a large tree.

Gimli ist eine rot und weis Hund.

Gimli is a red and white dog.

Gimli night trage schuhe.

Gimli is not wearing shoes.

Candy trage blau Hose und blau Hemd.

Candy is wearing blue pants and a blue shirt. (I'm wearing pajamas but I haven't learned that word yet.)

Ich habe nicht Blumen.

I have no flowers.

Ich habe ein schwarz Mantel.

I have a black coat.

Ich habe sechs Eien.

I have 6 eggs.

Mike habe funf Teller.  (I cannot remember the plural of plates).

Mike has 5 plates.

Die Frau trage eine gelb Rock.

The woman wears a skirt.  Where Rock = skirt came from is beyond me!

Mike habe vier Schlussel. (I think I spelled this incorrectly).

Mike has 4 keys.

That's it for now, but I'm excited to get back to it tomorrow!  I might start talking to Gimli in German, we'll see.

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