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Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest Post by Mike

Hi everyone.... this is Candy’s husband Mike.

You may remember me from such great posts as:
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Just to name a few, well here I am doing a guest post. I don’t do much in the social media side of things, apart from FB and even in that I don’t post as much as Candy does. With a dog like Gimli one can never run out of great things to post about. Mind you I just got on Twitter OI_Mike13 in case you want to follow me.

The reason for this post is to express my undying love for my wife. She is truly the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me was meeting her and ultimately marrying her. We share so many things in common, and at times it really is scary just how we think so much alike, and yet we are very different people personality wise.

She is the headstrong, no nonsense, give me all the facts type of person (Sagittarius). Where I am, more the free thinker, throw chance to the wind and see where life takes you (Pieces). As you can see, there are great situations where we would butt heads on many occasions, but we have found one way or another to find a common balance in our life’s conflicts.

I have never seen a woman who cares so much about me, my health and welfare that she threatens me with pain and suffering if I don’t do something about a problem. Talk about tough love J

I can honestly say; that without her I would be a bit lost in life, and would never have experienced so many crazy adventures with her as we have over the past 10+ years. To think we have just started on those adventures and we have so many more planned, that every day I tell her that I love her.

This all leads me up to one thing that she did over Valentine’s Day, mind you it was a little late, but who’s really counting LOL I’m a man, and it really is about her isn’t it. Needless to say, she did something that truly wasn’t expected and came out of right field (Because I like to be different and not have it come out of Left)

She made up a deck of playing cards and on each of them she proceeded to write down 52 reasons on why she loves me. (See Pics)

All I can say was that I was taken back that she did this for me, and just how unexpected it truly was.
I don’t think I can put it in words just how that made me feel, and how much it really touched me.

So I won’t try to go on and on trying to, but just say that it really touched me, and I Love her so much.

Candy, Thank You!

Love Mike.

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