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Monday, February 20, 2012

Gimli's visit to the Saratoga Springs Resort

Our stay at Walt Disney World last fall was unexpected and spur of the moment.  As such, we ended up staying at 3 different resorts - Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Coronado Springs.

Saratoga Springs was our first stop and I'm a little sorry to say that I won't be back to this resort.  We didn't have as much fun here as we have had at other resorts, such as the Grand Floridian, Bay Lake Tower or Port Orleans - French Quarter.

We were placed in The Carousel, which is the first section after you enter from the main road.

1. There is really only one restaurant and it's small.  As DVC members, we were afforded a room with a kitchenette and had we been able to purchase some breakfast items, would have gladly eaten breakfast in our rooms.  However, for 3 days, we ate breakfast at The Artist's Palette, which when you coincide with everyone else at the resort trying to eat at the same time, it becomes a bit crowded.

2. This restaurant is located in the Carriage House, which is the main lobby for the resort.  Because there's parking outside only for checking in guests, it became a bit of a race to arrive early for breakfast so as to secure a parking spot.  There are walking paths, but in the hot sun early in the morning, who wants to walk a good distance from their room to the restaurant?

We took a few pictures of Gimli here:

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