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Friday, February 10, 2012

Advice from Dr. Gimli


Dr. Gimli heer to teach you bout what to do if you have eye surry.

Mike had eye surry dis mornin so dat he doesnt hab to wear glasses any more.

When he got home he wuz wearing dese black tings on his eyeses und Candy has to put dese water tings in his eyeses all the time.

derefore, if you have eyeses surry, pease follow dese steps:

1. stay in bed all day und sleep with black tings on your eyeses

2. stay out of the sun like a Dracula

3. always keep a cute lovable corgi close by to heel faster und to supervise

i feel your pain, member when i wore that plasticky ting when i was a puppy, this is me not laughing at you.

3a. much beter if you don't make da corgi cry becuz i, um, i mean, if he cannot be on da bed.

i am gimli, da corgi-striper

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