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Saturday, January 15, 2011

56 calories

Surprise surprise, I was up at 5.30 am again this morning.  Except this time, it was because I couldn't breathe.  Yes friends, I'm sick with a cold again.  Let's not get into how I picked up this bug shall we, there was already an argument that took place.

I've been sick since Sunday and its pretty much in its later stages where the mucus reaches your throat and you end up with a sexy hag voice.

Instead of getting onto the computer and wasting time, I opted to try my hand at Wii Fit Plus.  We received this for Christmas in an attempt to help us be more active.  In the winter months especially, its tough for Mike to be active because a wheelchair and snow don't mix too well.  For me, I can get away with daily walks with Gimli and romps in the snow, but its not enough.

We started using the game this week and I have to say its a nice way to go from very little activity to light-medium activity.  This game is not for hardcore gym attendees, but there are some Yoga and strength training exercises that really make you feel the burn, especially when you have little core strength to begin with.

Today I managed to burn 56 calories.  It was my second attempt at Wii Fit and I felt a bit better as I'm starting to get accustomed to it and the mistaken belief that I was fit was quickly draining away.

Today there's all this talk about losing weight especially in light of the levels of obesity in North America, but I feel not enough is done to help people understand that you can have a healthy weight/BMI, which I do, but am I in shape?  Nope!  Do I pass all the lab tests like cholesterol and glucose, am I a model patient on paper?  Yup!  But can I run up a few flights of stairs?  With difficulty.

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