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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Real Christmas tree?

We have an artificial Christmas tree.  Right now its sitting in the corner of our living room naked except for a couple strings of lights, the other decorations already relegated to the basement.

I wondered about getting a real tree this year because growing up we only ever had a real tree once.  I vaguely remember it, except that it shed pine needles all over the floor and made the house smell like Pine Sol.  At that time, I expected the Pine Sol lady to come around the corner and talk about the power of the real tree.

Today on the walk, many of our neighbors had put their real Christmas trees to the curb.  Gimli proceeded to sniff and bury his head into its branches and then mark every one of them.  Maybe he smells the animals that used to live in them and wants to find them, who knows.

Yeah, no real Christmas tree for us...

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