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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowy Weekend

Yesterday's Saturday Smiler was canceled on account of snow.  Two large storm systems merged over New England to give them a whopping amount of snow.  But, before the storms merged, we were hit with a storm that left about a foot and a half of snow for us.

On Friday, when the storm hit us, we had to shovel the driveway three times before it was completely cleared away.  Then, the snow plow came by and deposited the snow from the road onto the driveway.  Luckily our neighbor came by and cleared it away.

While we were outside clearing away the snow, I took Gimli for a short walk out to the nearby park.  On the way, he pooped so I decided we'd go through the park to the garbage bin.  Well, that wasn't the best idea.  The snow was up to my knees and I trudged all the way to the bin.  Then, languished on the way back home.  Gimli led the way and I could only plod along because of the deep snow.  Needless to say, Friday night my poor thighs were quite achy.

Ordinarily, Gimli adores the snow.  However on Friday evening, he went into the backyard and misjudged a snow drift.  He meant to climb on it, but it was the soft, fluffy type of snow, so he sank all the way to the ground.  It scared him so much that he jumped up and ran to the sliding door to be let back in!  He's back to normal now, but I've never seen him that scared.

On Saturday, Gimli and I went to the backyard as I cleared away a path for him to get around the tall drift in the center of the yard.  He didn't last too long, it was too cold and windy.

Finally, today Gimli and I were able to get outside to play.  I wanted to make a snow creature, but alas, the snow was still too fluffy and not sticky so no snow creature at this time.

Gimli enjoyed himself romping around outside this afternoon.  We forgot to take out a toy, so I asked him to find the Kong Wubba.  It was covered by a few inches of snow and I doubted he'd be able to find it.  However, he went right to where he remembered and started pushing his face into the snow to try to find it.  He did and started digging... but it was frozen to the ground.  I pulled and strained and finally it came up.  We played fetch for a bit, until the snow became too much for him.

 I think this is where I left the Wubba...

Come help me Candy!

I do like the snow, especially when I get to play with Gimli and romp around.  Unfortunately, it's supposed to warm up tomorrow so this batch of snow will be gone soon enough.


  1. Haha! Snow = Short dog problems! I like Gimli's red coat! It looks very stylish and warm. :)

    1. LOL, that it is! He struggles at times in the large drifts, but he does like to climb so he can see a bit higher :)
      His coat is really nice, we were lucky enough to find one corgi sized, though it's a bit too large in the belly area and tight in the chest area, hrmph.