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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gimli's new friend

All through this winter season, I've been taking Gimli to the park across the street from our house instead of doing our usual full walks.  The homeowners in our neighborhood don't regularly clear away the sidewalks and so it's quite treacherous for someone as clumsy as I.  I use our 30 ft leash and Gimli and I have a grand old time running and pouncing in the snow.  He comes home as tired as if we had gone on one of our walks and it gives me a chance to work on his recall, score!

Backing onto the park are a row of homes and in one particular house, there lives a Golden Retriever.  I suspect this is the same dog that Gimli met last Summer when it was a puppy and the owner was doing leash work up and down the side walk.

Well, Gimli and this doggie are now fence friends.  Every time we go to the park, we must go to the fence to see the Golden.  It's gotten to the point where we stopped by the fence one evening and the dog was inside. He saw us and made some noise because his owner let him out and he scampered to the fence to say hello.

On another occasion, we were walking and I didn't notice the Golden was at the fence, but he saw us!  He barked a couple times, Gimli heard him and off we went to say hello.

 Hopefully, we can meet up when the weather improves and these doggies can finally meet on the same side of the fence!


  1. We hope one day Gimli and his fence buddy can play together too! :)

    1. So do we, it's sad to see the two of them pawing at the fence to go play :(