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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The walls in our house are white.  Sterile, plain, white.  I like the color white, oh yes I do, but on door frames, baseboards and window frames... oh and ceilings.  Our ceilings have some funky designs on it, but you definitely can't paint it... I don't think... hmmmm.

Mike and I have been agonizing over the paint colors for the main floor of our house.  Its open concept once you get past the foyer/entrance area with these lovely dark kitchen cabinets, lovely dark dining room table and sideboard and black leather couch and dark hardwood floors in the Great Room.  I love it, with the exception of the sterilized wall color.

Mike and I went over a great many color swatches to narrow things down to about 25 or so different colors.  Yes, I just said narrow things down.

We enlisted Gimli's help to choose the paint swatch.  Yes, we chose a colorblind dog to choose the color on our walls, but bear with me.

Gimli likes choosing one item over the other.  For example, I'll hold two different toys in front of him and ask him to "Pick one".  He'll choose which ever toy he wants and he'll walk off to play with it, completely unconcerned for the one he left behind.  We wanted to have fun with this theory.

We placed in a line all the swatches and placed a cookie on each one.  Gimli sat on the other side of the room drooling.

Once released, he ran over and chose this color.

Benjamin Moore - Etruscan

You know, its not so bad.  I goes nicely with the tile, backsplash and with the incoming sun in the mornings.  We'll see once we get it on the wall though.

By the way, the swatch color is the same color as Gimli's hair.  Yes, he's a narcissist.

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