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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pirates of the Corgi-bbean - The Fluffer of The Black Pearl

We are big fans of making 3D puzzles.  We have all of the Lord of The Rings puzzles and I've created 2 of them so far.

Orthanc - we tried this one and it hurt our heads because the pieces were mostly black with little white/gray/silver slits in them.  One day when I'm really bored and the Internet is having a slow day and none of the people I follow on Twitter/Blogs are posting anything exciting and I don't have to organize my closet, I'll come back to it.
Hobbiton - completed
Meduseld aka The Golden Hall of Edoras - completed
The Citadel of Minas Tirith - have never opened this one, but I might soon, I want to start it.

I picked up The Curse of the Black Pearl 3D puzzle for Mike a few years ago, but it took me to start and finish it, except with Mike hovering around trying to sneak in a piece and take credit for it.

Gimli was not impressed when I spent a great deal of time fussing over pieces instead of playing "I-throw-the-toy-Gimli-grabs-it-but-doesn't-give-it-back-to-me."

Instead, when I showed Gimli my hard work, this is what he did.

Can you imagine a corgi-monster?  Think of the appetite it would have!

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