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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Oatmeal made me do it

I did have a post that I was going to use for today, but instead I was side tracked by the lovely site, theoatmeal.com.

It started off on the musings of Sriracha, the rooster sauce found in a variety of Asian restaurants and then I clicked and clicked until I got to the page about "8 Ways to Prepare Your Pets for War".  Then, spent about 8 minutes roaming around other images on this site and chuckling to myself, before I hit the Back button to return to the Pet-War page.

Right, back again, I went to check on a point on the Pet-War page and was distracted by "17 things Worth Knowing About Your Cat".  I don't know why I went there, I don't even own a cat nor do I particularly like cats, but I clicked it anyway.

Ok, so on the Pet-War page, one of the points states to disguise your dog as a Panzer tank.  This got me thinking...

With a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, it might be possible to disguise it as a Panzer tank, however it would be a touch shorter than the other dog-Panzers running around.  Therefore, its plausible to line up the corgis and other 10-12 inch tall dogs in the front of the line.  Then, behind them the taller dogs roughly the same size as Retrievers and Shepherds et al who would be similarly disguised, yet their gun would be considerably taller than the corgis.  Rounding out the last row would be those tall dogs like the Scottish Deerhound and the Irish Wolfhounds whose guns would be taller still so as to create a long firing line capable of hitting various targets.

However, would it be wise to shackle the corgis to masquerading as tanks when their strength lies in herding and frapping?  Both of which, when combined properly results in a low to the ground dog running around with reckless abandon in a manner, which to the uninformed eye seems random, but is actually quick enough to dodge table legs, laundry baskets, chair legs and dog beds and still squeeze through a small space at a very high rate of speed.  The corgi could be used to frap-herd the enemy to an area where the rest of the dog-Panzers could fire away.

Yup yup, one must think of these things when planning for the Zombie apocalypse, where corgis are also the recommended dog breed.  Yes, one day, Gimli will save my life.

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