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Monday, March 14, 2011

message to da faeries

hewo again,

this is Gimli riting again.

da oder day i heard on the news there was a big earthquake in this place called japan.  Candy and Mike have been watching on tv.  it was a bery large earthquake, i member the one we had last year but i think this one was much bigger.

i neber been to japan but i think its a nice place becus the peple der like corgis bery much.  and we corgis lub our peple.  i also herd der was all this water and peple were lost and i was sad to hear that.

Candy was bery sad today becus she saw this pictur and it made her cry.  she came to me to give me some hugs and kisses and i snuggled with her becus thats what i do.

i don't understand many things becus i'm just a short hungry corgi but i know i'm a faery steed and i have a connection to the faeries and the power of da fluff and so i send a message to the faeries to send some magic ober der to help those peple and their corgis and other doggies.

if any hoomans want to help, they can donat to the Red Cross.

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