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Thursday, March 10, 2011

They're coming to get you Candy

Ok, so my name isn't Barbara, but that's the only zombie quote I could think of.

Today was cold, rainy and foggy.  By the time I finished work and took Gimli for a walk, it was very foggy, so much so it made me nervous when crossing the street and I looked back and forth about 4 times before starting across the street.

We went over to the park and was walking and bouncing on the snow.  Gimli was having a grand old time pouncing around with the leash in his mouth.

We made it to the portion of the park about 20 feet away from with small hill and then Gimli stopped.  He looked over to the hill with his ears perked up, his body rigid, but he didn't make a sound.  At first I thought it was another dog, but I looked to the hill and there was no dog.

I looked to the ground where my foot just ended up in a puddle, back to Gimli, who was still rigid, then back to the hill, where I saw a figure emerge from the fog.

He wore a gray hoodie, pulled up over his head, blue jeans and boots.  The way he was walking, I swore it was a zombie.  His arms were stretched out in front of him, his feet a little unsteady coming down the water logged hill.

I half wondered if he was a slow meandering zombie and if I'd have time to turn around and run home or if he was one of the fast moving ones and Gimli would have to nip at his feet and rip them off while I ran away.

Luckily he turned down the path and went through the park.

We continued on and then back home.

I'm glad I have a dog that will protect me from the Zombie Apocalypse.

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