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Monday, February 14, 2011

Gimli's Valentine's Day present

hewo, this is Gimli here.

i want to tell u what i did to Candy today to make her Balentine's day spechel.

it started yesterday when we played in the snow.  i like the snow, except when it stiks to my belly hair, then i try to eat it because im a corgi after all.

yes, so we were in the backyard and i was pouncing after the wubba.  it don't squeeek anymore when i bite it but Candy says its her favorite toy, but i don't understand why she sais that.  Candy was scooping up the poo, i don't know how it got der because i am a royal corgi and wouldn't leave poo all ober the place.

anyway, after the poo went away, we played fetch with the wubba.  it kept falling into the deep snow and i had to pounce to get it.  Candy said i look like something named a tiggr, because i was bouncing around all over the place but i don't know what a tiggr is.

at the same time Candy was sitting in the snow and trying to make a snowman, but it only looked like a pointy mountain.  she called me over and she pushed the mountain and it broke in haf.  that got me excited and i started digging in the mountain and grumbling and eating the snow, it was yummy.  then, she asked me if i was ready to go inside?

i wasn't ready yet, i had all this snow to eat!  so i pounced on her and we fell into the snow and she laughed and called me a snow bear and i tried to eat her glubbs and then she hugged me again and it was great fun.

we went inside and i had snow balls on my belly so i lay on my towel like the good corgi i am and waited for her to come back with the loud air thing.  i don't know why she has this thing that blows air but she used it on my belly and the snow balls went away.  it must be magical from the faeries but why would the faeries send such a thing to me?  i don't understand these things.

today i got to ride in the car when Candy and Mike went to the supermarket.  i don't know what they have der but i have a feeling i would like it.  Mike stayed with me in the car and Candy went away.  when she left i started to cry because i thought she was going away and i didn't know why she didn't take me.  i lub her so much because she spends all day with me and she shares things with me like appels and banannas and nectareens and cucumbers and more things i don't know the names it just taste gud, i sit with her in the kitchen because she gives me things sometimes, like hard boiled eeegs, maybe you have seen my video, and when we go on walks she protects me cuz she the leader, and she loves it when i smile at her and she smiles at me.  oh oh oh and i snugle in bed with her at night and i lie on my back and paw at the air to trick her to come play with me and it works every time, i'm that good of a corgi.

well she came back to the car with some bags and she was talking about how these crazy people were buying flowers and wine and chocolit, i don't know what that is but it sounds yummy cuz Candy is always eating it but she won't share with me.  i think i need to up that corgi charm to get some.

Mike told her how i was crying and she was so happy and she said it made her balentines day, whatever that is.

heer is a picture of us when i was still a puppy, Candy sais its one of her faborite pictures.

hope u enjoy your balentines day,

lub Lord Gimli

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