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Monday, March 19, 2012


Last Tuesday was Mike's birthday.  It was also Spring break for the elementary and high school students in Ontario.  We went out to dinner to a restaurant packed with little bags of disease children. We went out to Dairy Queen after for a couple small Blizzards, which were still too big, and then we came home.

A couple hours later, I had a chill.  Mike looked at me like I was a weirdo, not different than usual.  The next morning, my throat was sore, I was achy and hot and cold running chills.

I ended up taking a sick day on Friday to rest and it helped a little.  Now I'm left with a hacking cough that threatens to erupt at any time.  This makes talking on the phone a little tough, thank God for the mute button!

I was upset that I was sick for the third time this year.  Last year by this time, I was sick once. I decided instead of grumbling about it and complaining, I've been thankful that my sicknesses have been the stomach flu and a couple of colds.  There are people in this world that are fighting and struggling with devastating illnesses and so I have no right to complain.

Over the past few days, Gimli has been great.  It seems they know when you're not at your best and suspend that corgi bossiness til you're better. Typical corgi, right?

Tomorrow,  I'm heading to the doctor for a reason unrelated to this cold.  Here's hoping she can give me some answers.

ps, if you get the hot and cold running chills comment, then you are awesome.

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