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Monday, March 26, 2012

5 things... - March

5 things going on in our house at the moment....

1. Gimli has been very clingy of late. Without reading too much into it, I'll just be glad he's enamored with me.

2. Spring has sprung, but it's been really cold of late.  Mother Nature needs to make up her mind!

3. We are not going away on vacation til July. Because of this, I'm slowly losing my mind. It would be nice to go away for Easter, but that's unlikely.

4. 2 more weeks til I can eat chocolate again. I like how it's proven to me that I can have willpower, but would kill for a Ferrero Rocher or Snickers or M & Ms or Twix or Cadbury Mini Eggs or a Wunderbar...ok I need to stop this now...

5. There are 3 women on our street currently pregnant. I'm convinced there's something in the water so I'm switching to Bacardi coolers.

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