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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gimli ate a plum pit

Today, Lord Gimli ate half of a plum and the pit.  I was eating it and sharing pieces of the flesh with him when it dropped out of my hand and onto the floor.  He snatched it up right away and before I could ply him with something else, it was gone into his belly.

I freaked out and didn't know if I should induce vomiting or wait him out.  I spoke to the vet's office who said to watch him over the course of the afternoon, as if he became lethargic etc that it would be cause to bring him in.  They also said to watch his poops tonight and over the course of tomorrow to ensure it comes out or if he throws it up.

I've been watching him over the course of the afternoon and he's been fine.  He's been following me all over and barking as usual at everything.  He's also been eating snacks like normal.  This evening with his dinner I am going to give him some pumpkin to help.

Here's hoping the pit makes an appearance soon, I don't like it when my bear is like this.

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