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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gimli and the plum pit part 2

Little fat Gimli
Sat like a corgi
Eating his stolen plum
He ate the pit
Candy threw a fit
And said, "What a wicked boy you've become." **

** Modelled after the Nursery Rhyme, "Little Jack Horner"

That should have been the tagline for yesterday's post, but my mind was not working on account of Mr. Greedy Pants.

I watched him all afternoon and evening and he exhibited no ill effects.  He ate, pooped and played like normal so I started to relax a little, but I knew I couldn't rest til I saw that pit come back out!

I had planned for him to sleep in our room last night just so if he ran into trouble we'd hear him, but Gimli didn't want to.  He made a beeline for his crate as usual, so we left him there.

This morning, I went to let him out and saw the pit in the crate.  He must have thrown it up last night and thank God he had the sense not to eat it again!  I've never been so happy for him to throw up!

He's back to his old self again, barking, frapping and being all around cute.  Me? my blood pressure is only just back to normal levels.

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