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Monday, April 2, 2012

Operation schrumpfen Check-in #9

I haven't been able to update lately mainly because I've just gotten back to exercising.  Grr, it's so easy to stop working out especially if you're sick or have weeks where you are run ragged all over the place doing this, that and the other.

Measurements as of April 4th:

Weight: 131 lbs

Circumference under ribs: 28

Circumference at belly button: 31.5

Circumference at hips: 34.5

Circumference of thigh: 21

Compared to measurements as of January 9th:

Weight: 133

Circumference under bust: 29 - adjusted to measure under the ribcage, not at the ribcage.

Circumference at belly button: 34

Circumference at hips: 37

Circumference of thigh: 23

I'm pleased to report though that I'm now able to fit into 2 more pairs of jeans!  YAY!  I didn't think I'd be able to wear them this quickly, but I tried them on over the weekend and they fit.  I feel like that lady on the Progresso soup commercial!

My list of pants to wear is now down to 4.  I'm getting there, just slowly. :)

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