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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Am tired

It's 10 am and I've cried twice thus far today.  Yessir, it's going to be one of those days.  It's Tuesday and I'm in my home office, but my brain's not quite working.

I saw this post today, The Breaking Point, and it's set my mind on fire. Maybe because those words could be mine, I don't know. Those stages of grief, I'm probably at depression.

Denial was 4 years ago, Anger soon after, Bargaining off and on since. Now, I can't be bothered to bargain - it doesn't work and I'm not going to keep asking and begging when the change won't come. I've been down that road before and somehow it always gets turned around that it's my fault, when it's not.

Am tired of hearing, "I didn't know..."

Am tired of being taken for granted.

Am tired of the choices others make that make me feel like nothing.

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