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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Glum Gimli

Gimli has been a little "off" all week.  Today, he just lay around and was very glum and mopey.

I think it all started on Monday afternoon.  The power went off for about an hour and that caused certain appliances to beep a few times to announce that they had lost power.  Gimli has a fear of loud beeping.  The entire time the power was out, he was next to me or under the desk or shivering in the corner.  It get's so bad that he refuses treats.  I do my best to ignore him, but it seems it's a losing battle.

Today, he looked like this:

Tomorrow he's off to the groomers for a bath and trim because he has to look nice for his portrait sitting on Saturday.  Well, it's for the three of us actually.  I picked up a Groupon last year for a portrait session for a family and one dog.

I'm sure he'll be fine and will be pestering each employee for a cookie and charming them all, corgi style.

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