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Sunday, April 8, 2012


If you've ever seen the Disney/Pixar movie, "Up", you'll know there's this very cute Golden Retriever - Dug, who joins Carl and Russell in their adventures.  Without giving too much away to those who haven't seen the movie, (what are you waiting for, it's a great movie, go see it!), Dug embodies the typical Retriever and is obsessed with squirrels.

See this clip:

On Friday, Gimli and were returning from our walk when he was distracted by a neighbor and his toddler son.  The man was putting his child into the car seat and Gimli continued to walk but was looking at them.

All of a sudden, a squirrel darted across the street in front of us and Gimli switched to the squirrel for a few seconds, and then back to me when the squirrel disappeared.  All the while, never missing a beat on the walk as though the squirrel never existed.

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