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Monday, April 16, 2012

Musings on weight loss

Observations about weight loss

  • I dislike exercising.  I really do. It's a mental struggle every day I exercise.  Sometimes I win and hit the TreadClimber, other times I don't and reach for the ice cream.
  • As much as I like Pinterest, seeing all the Photoshopped "buff" women does get you down from time to time.
  • Watching comedy programs while trying to breathe on the TreadClimber is not advised. Trust me.
  • Don't pay attention to the size on the top/skirt/pant etc.  I believe the stores have different sizes to mess with our minds. If it fits, wear it with pride.
  • It's always better to exercise with someone.  Like a friend or spouse who can motivate you. Or in my case, a corgi that walks under you when you're trying to hold a plank for more than 5 seconds or a corgi who lies next to your head and proceeds to make you laugh when you are trying to do sit-ups.

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