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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How many months til the Fall?

Back in October, I wrote about our dilemma on adding a second corgi to our family, you can read it here: Two Corgis or Not Two Corgis, that is the Question.

Even though Gimli's breeder had a litter at that time, it wasn't the right time and it didn't feel right.

However, the months went by and I kept having the corgi dream.  I kept seeing a second corgi ever so often and it wasn't the one with a spot on it's head.  No, the dog became a red and white and in another dream it had a tail.  Clearly a European Pemmie.

Mike and I discussed it, long and hard and we decided we'd try the corgi rescue in Ontario first.  I e-mailed the owner, but she never responded.  Not even a note to say that she had received my email, nothing.

Over this past weekend, I emailed Gimli's breeder to say we were ready for a second one.  I already knew she had a litter back in October and so we were okay to wait for a while.  She's planning a litter later in the year and if all goes well, we'll have a little corgi puff coming to live with us in the Fall!

I've been excited and silly all day over the news and the pup isn't even conceived yet!  I keep asking Gimli if he wants a brother or a sister and he just looks at me with his big brown eyes.

I know from now to the Fall, we have our work cut out for us to get Gimli into better shape - behavior wise.  I've slacked off of late and so I've allowed his bad habits to come to the fore.  I'd like him to help train the new pup on good habits, not bad ones.

For now, we wait and watch for pet store sales on crates, collars, leashes and bowls. Oh and toys, I have a soft spot for buying toys for Gimli, can you imagine what it will be like with two???


  1. Yay! I can imagine your excitement! My son asked me the other day if we could get a boy Corgi- I forget why- but anyway, we are only allowed to have one pet in our townhouse so no go on that idea for now. I am hoping maybe when we move one day I can talk my husband into getting another one. ♥

    1. Thanks! It's all very exciting, yet surreal at the same time because it is such a long time away. I'm such a weirdo, am already thinking of names and I keep thinking it will be a girl this time, but who knows really.