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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Puppy power or Puppy pouting?

I was a huge Scooby Doo fan, but the 60s Scooby and the associated cartoons of yesteryear, not the ones out now. I was never a huge Scrappy fan, I just tolerated him. One of the things I remember from Scrappy was his line, "Da da da da da daaa, Puppy Power!"

At times, Gimli acts like Scrappy. Very opinionated, very vocal, always in the middle of things. Except, while Scrappy has the guts to go after the person in the bad costume, Gimli does not. Gimli's a talker and a show off but when the chips are down, he's run off to hide behind Mike or myself.

Today, we lost power for about 10 minutes. It had been raining for about 1/2 hour prior so Gimli was already a little off due to the rain and thunder. The power went out and he came running up to hide under the desk. I went to find my cell phone to tell Mike the power had gone so he would call on the cell when he was leaving work. Gimli followed me to the bathroom, what I had to pee!, then downstairs to my phone, then back upstairs. I was one the phone with Mike when the power came back on and the smoke detector emitted a long beep when it came back online. This beep sent Gimli flying under the desk again. This time, he was shivering and shaking with fear. I finished up at work, logged off and came downstairs. Gimli was still next to me, still shaking. I even thought he had hurt his front leg at some point because he raised his leg and was shivering.

He was scared out of his mind!

I sat on the couch to wait for Mike, Gimli was next to me.

Even now, its thundering and lightning outside, Gimli's lying next to me.

Yes friends, if only there was a way to remind him of this when he pretends to be big and bad.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 22.

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  1. Thats easy. Have an MP3 of a loud thunderstorm, and the next time he's being all tough... crank the speakers and turn it on ;)