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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bleeding Me

At long last, this week is over. To continue on from Wednesday, the week became progressively crummier as I had a migraine on Thursday and Friday... yay. The one good thing to come from Friday was I received an Exceptional Survey from one of my customers. YAY!

Tomorrow Mike and I will be up at the crack of dawn to make our way to the lab. We are due at the Dr at the end of the month and we have to go for a blood and peepee test. Crummy thing is, its a fasting blood test... for 12 hours before... and the first urine of the morning, so we will definitely be zombie like by the time this ordeal is over. We stopped eating at 7 pm tonight, its now 9 pm and I'm hungry again. Gimli's corgi appetite is definitely rubbing off on me!

Mike is good with needles and blood, since he had to deal with so much of it when he was a child/teenager and had multiple surgeries etc. Me, not so much. I once had to have blood drawn and fainted clear away. Must have been the combination of the needles, blood, the fact the nurse didn't listen to me and chose the WRONG arm to poke and not find the vein. If she had listened and chosen the right arm, I probably still would have fainted, but it would have taken me a bit longer. Now, when I go to the labs, I ask to lie down for them to take the blood. They always look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo when I make this request...

Its not like I go in looking like this or anything... although if I did, Mike would probably faint due to sheer loss of blood on both counts ;)

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 37.

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