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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beware the Moors!

Earlier this evening, around 6 o'clock, Gimli and I went on our evening constitutional. It started like it usually did, put on the leash, picked up the poopy bags and headed out. I had to go back to put on a heavier coat because it was windy. Windy and cold and overcast.

We started down our usual side street. Gimli urinating at the usual spots, the wind whipping past us. Further up, I could see a dark figure approaching with an equally dark figure next to him. I moved off to the side and put myself between Gimli and the smaller dark figure and continued walking. Somewhere a dog barked loudly to send Gimli hopping forward in fear. The dark figure was closer now, but it was only a man in a hood walking a black dog. We continued on for a bit until we reached the park.

We started up the path amidst the wind that was much stronger on this side of the neighborhood. The trees were shaking in the wind, the yellow leaves falling quickly to the ground. The clouds were low and dark almost to the point of kidnapping the sky. We stood on the small hill and looked around. It was dark, and the nearby streetlights did not help. There are no lights in the park either, its darkness concealing any number of things - discarded cans, playground equipment or something else perhaps. Somewhere far away, I'm sure, a dog barked again, but carried on the wind it sounded quite near.

I started to feel like we had ignored the warning and walked into the Moors on the English countryside. I expected at any moment for something, fleshy or bony or wispy to spring from the shadows and take us away.

Gimli and I continued on away from the park and up towards our street. We turned the corner and I saw another dark figure up ahead. We kept walking and the figure turned down the same side street and was gone. We went into the garage, closed it and the monsters outside disappeared.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 48. Although I almost lost it today when Google maps sent me to the wrong location, good thing I had the GPS, whose battery then died 2 streets over from where I was headed!

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