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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Too many choices

I've changed the color scheme on the blog, mainly because I felt the other scheme was a bit too red, (gasp) I know. I chose this one, even though Mike feels its too cold. Methinks he didn't read this post.

In other news, Gimli's booboo has scabbed over, YAY!
He's picking at other places on his feet, BOOOO!

We think its because we aren't wiping his feet enough when we bring him in from walks and I may not have washed away all the soap from his feet when I gave him a mini-bath the other day. Blarg.

The City finally poured the concrete for the sidewalks today. We'll probably be able to park in the driveway again come Friday. This makes Mike happy since he's been a bit of a hermit since Monday - working from home and not taking Gimli for any walks. I'm just glad the sidewalks are in, because that means the driveway won't be far behind!

We were able to give our little piece of sidewalk the G touch in the form of a Hidden Mickey, since we are Disney nerds after all and I didn't think Gimli would appreciate falling becoming stuck walking on the concrete just to get his paw prints immortalized.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 14.

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