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Monday, August 23, 2010

At least the firemen were nearby

As I've mentioned, I've been fighting some illness disease plague sort of a cold for the past week. I thought I was getting better since I woke up feeling 10x better than yesterday... Wrong!

Today we went to the supermarket and I had a feeling I would have a coughing fit so I started with a lozenge. I thought I would be home free until we arrived at the checkout... I felt the itch, that small tickle that resists the healing soothing liquid from the lozenge and slowly grows until it erupts in a hacking cough that can't be stopped. My eyes water and my body just wants to cough and cough and cough. We somehow made it out of the store and to the car. I think Mike was more startled that I was struggling to breathe and see and sniffle and cough at the same time. Yeah, I can multitask!

After I finished coughing and swallowed my lung, I noticed a firetruck outside the supermarket, I figure they were picking up some dinner or groceries etc. At least if I did stop breathing, they wouldn't have far to go!

At home, Gimli has been fighting the itch to pick at the sore spot on his leg. He had a huge mat on the inside of his back leg, which we cut away to provide some relief. Unfortunately, the mat was so close it was pulling away at the skin and gave him a bit of a booboo. We've been putting Neosporin on the booboo in the hopes of helping it heal and preventing Gimli from irritating it further. Depending how things go, we may have to head to the vet.

Complaint-O-Meter: On day 12.

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