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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I need to go into the office more often

Because when I come home, the dog who usually pays me no attention unless he wants something or I have food/toy or leash becomes a 'Velcro dog'.

Mike put him up on the bed next to me and he snuggled, gave kisses, made cute noises and did the things I want him to do more of.

Then, I took him for a walk, which went very well even with the goose flying into the power line and collapsing on someone's front lawn.

We came home and he proceeded to ignore me because Mike was more interesting. A while later, Gimli teased me and we played for a bit before he decided he didn't want to share his toy with me. I became upset with him and walked away, thus ending the play.

Rinse... repeat... to be played out again tomorrow and then Saturday and for every day thereafter.

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