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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just the two of us

I found this new blog and I think the author is absolutely awesome because she's about my age and she speaks her mind and she doesn't have children and revels in it and she has the same feelings about children that Mike and I do, which is that she has no desire to procreate because life is far too much fun without having to worry about carrying around something for 9 months every couple years, squeezing it out and risking your husband being scarred for life seeing this thing stretching your lady parts and you professing your profound hate towards him, when 9 months prior the two of you were like wild animals in every room of your house; then having to deal with being(s) for roughly 25 years because they won't leave home and give you back the peace you had before you felt having children was the awesomest thing in the world; plus having a house the way you want it instead of brightly colored noisy kiddie toys littered about and having to worry about chocolate stains all over the place and spit ups and horrid sports/recitals with overachieving helicopter parents and being told by everyone, 'you know what you should do...?', when those people are batting 1 normal well-adjusted independent free-thinking child and 2 still attached to ragged faded apron strings.

I'm so following her blog.

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