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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Just realized I haven't posted anything since Wednesday... tsk tsk...

The week ended crappily, though the one bright spot was I found my red shoes! Will post picture later, too tired to do so now.

Saturday was crummy.

Sunday was better. I got to wear my shoes out in the Arboretum while wearing a lovely black dress as a friend snapped pictures of me, while my poor husband sat there holding the shiny reflector thing to balance the amount of light reflecting off of me.

All very fancy, I felt a bit like a model except with no pay and I got to keep the clothes. All in good fun and all to help out a friend flesh out his portfolio. We should have the pictures in a few weeks :)

Here's hoping this week is better than last week and that it goes by quickly so I can enjoy a 3 day weekend!

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