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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Smiler: Winning Smile

About a month ago, Petzlife, sent an e-mail looking for submissions for their Best Smile contest.  As February is Pet Dental month, they were looking to capitalize on spreading that information and showcasing a great smile for their ad.

On a whim, I entered Gimli.

Looking back at the submissions, there were some amazing entries!

A couple weeks ago, the finalist listing was released and Gimli made the cut!  I had an inkling he would make at least the finalists because, I mean, with his smile, come on!  I spread the word out as best I could - Twitter, Facebook and so on, but I really did not think we'd get as many votes as we did.

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call on Friday afternoon telling me that Gimli had won the contest!  As part of his winnings, he will be in the Petzlife ad that's run in Cesar's Way magazine as well as a care package with some of Petzlife products.

We are huge fans of their gel toothpaste so it will be neat to try out some of the other items too!