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Monday, March 11, 2013

Steiff Bear Museum

After we left Rothenburg, we headed to Munich.

On the way, we stopped in the little town of Geingen, which is the home of the Steiff Bear Museum.  The Steiff stuffed animals were created by Margaret Steiff in 1880.  The first stuffed animal was an elephant and not a bear. In fact, the bear wasn't produced by Steiff until 1902.

As you enter the museum, there are displays of all the stuffed animals Steiff has produced.  There's a short play that provides a short history of the Steiff company, then you're taken to the displays.

On the bottom floor, there's the store and I wanted to buy so many stuffed animals, but I settled on a moose.  One, because it was made for the province of Ontario, where we live, and two because had Gimli stayed with his breeder, she was going to name him "Moose".

Next on the tour - Munich!

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