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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Christmas in April

I really try my best not to bring this sort of thing onto the blog, but I really cannot hold this one back any longer.  I see this every day when Gimli and I walk past the mailbox.

As we know, this past December was Christmas.  At Christmas time, some people decide to decorate a Christmas tree.  Of these people, some use an artificial tree and some use a real tree.  The issue with the real trees is that once Christmas is over, one has to get rid of the tree.

In years past, our city would schedule a special pick up of the real trees to be taken to the dump for en masse disposal.  This year though, the city decided they were not going to spend the money to pick up the trees.  Instead, those who had a real tree were told to take it to the dump themselves.  This information was posted in the local newspaper - in each printing a few weeks leading up to Christmas.  I know, because I remember reading it.

I would like to note that we are about 7 minutes away from the entrance to the dump.  I've been there, it's not that far.

The garbage day after Christmas, the carcass of a real Christmas tree appeared on the curb of a particular house in my neighborhood.  Naturally, because the city stopped picking up the trees, the tree remained on the curb for a week.  Then, the magical tree elves came and moved the tree a few feet up the curb so it was sitting next to the light pole as seen in the picture below.  Garbage day came again and the tree remained.

During this time, a local service decided they would do everyone a favor and go around to pick up the trees. All you had to do call them to add your house to the list.  I imagine the service stopped when they stopped receiving phone calls... makes sense.

But, back to the curb.

A few weeks passed and the magical tree elves came again and moved the tree so it's now lying next to the communal mailbox.

It's now the end of March.  Christmas has been over for 3 months and the tree is still there, sitting next to the mailbox.

I wouldn't be surprised if the tree is still there come June.

Note, this picture was taken in February, but I assure you, it's still there.  It's less green and a bit brown, but it's still there.

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