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Monday, September 23, 2013

Wet head

I was in the shower the other day when I heard Mike walk into the bathroom and the click click of 8 corgi feet follow him.

I peeked from the shower curtain to say hello to the corgis.  Gimli gave me a smile, then scurried away to find a toy or something, while Merida kept walking toward the shower.

I pulled my head back in and I thought she would be spooked by the crackling of the curtain, but nope.  She put her feet on the step and then walked. right. in....

She got so far as to jump into the stall and was surprised there was water falling on her head.  If I hadn't grabbed her to put her onto the bathmat, she'd probably have run around the stall trying to avoid the water and gotten soaked!

While Gimli is scared of the shower because he's scared of falling water in general, Merida seems to be quite Brave. (sorry, had to do it!).

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