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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Days of Christmas

December thus far has been a bit odd for us.  We've only just returned from holiday to find that Christmas is upon us in about a week and a half.  We have a great deal of work to do - ie we are far behind in our shopping, and as a result, I knew I would struggle to come up with blog posts between now and Christmas.

Therefore, I've decided to do my own sort of twelve days of Christmas, but showcasing us, the corgis and our home.  There will be one entry a day up to Christmas.

Today marks the first entry.

Puppy on a stocking

This photograph was taken in July, (hence the absence of a Christmas tree!), when I suddenly realized I didn't have a cute picture of a corgi puppy with a stocking.  Merida is much bigger now, but I do think this picture sums up her demeanor quite nicely. Quiet, reserved and a little confused.

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