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Monday, February 1, 2016

Gratitude - Week 3

I missed last week's posting, *sad face*. But you know what? It feels different now, coming back to this post. I didn't have the stress and guilt of missing posts on the blog.

Here's my list:

  • Neighbor kids who shovel our driveway.
    • The week before last, we had some snowfall enough to where we needed to go out and shovel. On two occasions, our neighbors' kids were out and cleared away the snow for us. It's nice to be on the receiving end of good karma every once in a while.
  • Xpen for Gimli.
    • Gimli was at the vet's a couple weeks ago to investigate this "weakness" in his back leg. He was sore on the vertebrae closer to his bum, but he had full use of his back legs and full range of motion. The only way you could tell he was weak was his limp and that he'd lose control of his back feet and slide if he was running.
    • The vet was at a loss, but prescribed full rest and anti-inflammatory medication for 2 weeks. If it didn't subside, we were to bring him back for x-rays.
    •  Thankfully he's back to normal now. Whatever he did, he did a number on his back. He was confined to the xpen, and while he was unhappy, it definitely made a difference.
  • Increased lung capacity
    • This one's a little silly, but since I've started running, I've found my lungs are stronger. I've gotten better at measuring the air release in my exhale, which I think is pretty darned cool.
  • Thighs
    • I've always had larger thighs. I remember being a child feeling my thighs rub together under my school uniform. Their size never bothered me over the years, mainly because they came with hips and a butt and gave me some nice curves.
    • The other day, I realized that it's these thighs that help me on my runs. They are less jiggly, but I'm starting to feel some actual muscle.
    • It feels really good to be in this place right now. I've stopped fighting with my body and I'm finally listening to my body and giving the form it was meant to have.
  • Cooking in bulk
    • I made two large dishes of lasagne. We ate some for dinner and froze the rest. It's nice to have homemade food in the freezer for us to heat up after we complete our runs at the track.
  • These two

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